Financial Audits

Our team of CPAs at Mercer & Associates specializes in providing audits for commercial, government and nonprofit clients.

Accurate and efficient financial auditing is critical for most organizations. By providing credibility to our clients’ financial operations and reports, we give shareholders and stakeholders the confidence they need to evaluate performance, make decisions and build strategies. Our experienced team understands the importance of technical proficiency without disrupting the client’s daily operations.

We are also equipped and experienced to provide Yellow Book Audits.

Yellow Book audits come with specific requirements and are typically required for certain government agencies or organizations receiving government grants. They are based on the Generally Accepted Government Audit Standards and uniform guidance audits published by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Mercer and Associates performs over 100 audits each year.

Fun Fact: Legend has It that the original name of these audit guidelines was “The Golden Rule of Government Auditing”, but when the actual publication came back from the printer, the cover was yellow instead of gold…and the Yellow Book was born!

Tax Returns & Assistance

Our team of accountants work to stay updated on ever-changing tax regulations and guidance. We excel at helping clients navigate complex and even simple tax challenges. Our firm prepares tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, estates, trusts and nonprofits.

It’s easy to feel all alone when working through a tax question or dealing with the IRS. We partner with our clients to not just make sure they are compliant, but to help them understand the issues, as well as their options. We help businesses and individuals by providing:

  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Tax Filing Services
  • IRS Audit Representation
  • Tax Penalties Management & Reduction
  • Estate Planning
  • Nonprofit Tax Planning & Compliance

At Mercer & Associates, our approach to tax services is to simplify the complex and stay with our clients each step of the way.

Financial Management & Advisory

We use our extensive experience to assist clients with their financial challenges and opportunities. We offer services ranging from hands-on accounting assistance to advising on business and operational strategies.

Financial Management:

Many of our clients rely on the Mercer & Associates team to perform ongoing financial tasks including bookkeeping, payroll services, budget planning, nonprofit filings and compiling financial reports. Other clients may have in-house accounting resources that our team works with to coach, train and advise. We are an accessible and responsive resource to help them implement best practices and navigate through challenging situations and problems.

Advisory & Consultation:

We work with our clients to create strategies aimed at enhancing financial well-being.

By leveraging our firm’s deep combined experience, we assist clients with:

  • Evaluation & Improvement of Business Processes
  • Assisting with Financial Due Diligence for Important Transactions
  • Advising on Business Plans & Financial Projections
  • Oversight of Financial Reporting

As a trusted advisor, we can provide a unique and objective outside opinion to help our clients have confidence in their financial decisions and goals. We believe in looking beyond the numbers to understand goals, vision, past performance and realistic projections.